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Started on March 4th, 2020. Last updated on September 22nd, 2021.

Alright, so I guess this is a LTE now. Awesome. Anyways, welcome! I will try to make one of the longest texts ever on this very website WITHOUT copy and pasting! YAAAAY! okay. Well, I guess you should know a little bit about me. I am currently in science class. Yeah, that's it. okay, so MAAAAAAAAYBE I don't really know what to talk about. OH, I KNOW!!! I guess I'll talk about why I decided to make a LTE. So, the reason is that my friend is currently making one right now and I got inspired to do one of my own! Actually, you can find his website right here! Well, I should really get to working on my school work now. See you in next times!

Well, I'm back. I was in my language arts class but now I'm somewhere! i dont know where i am ples help. Okay, nevermind. SO, it seems that I really have no idea how to make a website using HTML. Honestly, I just used the tutorial to get a main idea on how to do this. So, uh yeah. Also, i'm going to explain the difference between JavaScript and HTML because I have nothing else to do so here WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So, basically HTML is just code that provides the primary structure of a website while JavaScript is what makes websites more interactive and dynamic. Credits to this website for giving me information. Also, just a random fact about me, I live in a shed! Awesome, right? Yeah, I can basically put anything really valuable in my shed because why would someone break into a shed? The reason is nothing, because nobody would break into a shed. Or maybe that person has a shed addiction and really likes breaking into sheds, I don't know. Also, there is a disease going around called the "Coronavirus." Yeah, it's not good. 10 people have already died in my state! So, that isn't good at all. I'm making sure that I wash my hands alot so that I don't get the virus. Uh, I don't really know what to talk about so, I'm going to search up important topics to talk about. Okay, so one of them was coffee, for some reason. So, I guess I'm going to talk about coffee. I personally don't like coffee myself but that is my opinion, you can like coffee if you want to! OH! I just thought about something to talk about. Opinions. Alot of people on the internet don't really care about opinions, but if you do care about opinions, then I respect you! Sometimes, people don't even care about opinions in the REAL world. Yeah, that's right, the REAL world. I don't understand those people. It is really disrespectful to not care about opinions because, well, they're important to people's lives! Okay, I'm gonna stop talking about opinions. Now, back to the "important topics to talk about" board. Okay, another one is change. Now, they didn't really give much information on what kind of "change" they ment. Did they mean change as in money or change as in changing appearance or personality? I have no idea. So, I will not talk about "change" but instead I will talk about something I'm going to add to my website soon! It's gonna be a counter, I'm not going to tell what it will count but it will be a counter. I will just need to test it on a different webpage! Okay, I will update this when I'm done adding it, bye bye now!

Okay, I'm back! I added the counter! As you can see, it's an end of the world counter! I got the counter from this website, but I don't know how trustworthy it is. But I'm gonna use it anyways hehehehehehehehheheheheh. Okay, so, what now? I think I might add a characters counter. If you do not know what that is, I will tell you. It basically tells how many characters are in a text. But I don't know HTML THAT well, so I will probably try to look one up. Uhh, I honestly don't have anything else to say. Y'know, making LTEs are hard work. First, you gotta figure out what you want to talk about and then you have to TYPE it. Also, if you use copy and paste while making an LTE, then you will be SHAMEDDDDDDDDDDD amongst the LTE community. So, here are the rules to making an LTE. First, do NOT copy and paste. If you do, then it is not an actual LTE. Second, don't just spam characters. This isn't really a rule, but I honestly think it's not a good LTE if you just spam characters, but go ahead if you truly wish to. Third, don't copy other LTEs. Just, don't. That's pretty much it for the rules. I hope you all learned something about LTEs today, and make sure you do your LTE homework!!! I'm just kidding, there is no homework, because this isn't a school, it's a website. Alright, I think I'm done here. See you laters!

Ay bois, I'm back now! Right now I'm currently in my school's gallery, which you can look at other student's artwork. It's very cool! I wish my artwork was there though, maybe one day... ANYWAYS, I guess I should talk about what is happening currently in my life. So, I'm getting a new dog! YAY!! Yeah, I have had 3 dogs in the past, but I still have one of those dogs. The other two died so R.I.P. But yeah, a new dog! It's a boy and its breed is a Pitbull! no, not the singer, the DOG. Just had to make that clear. Uh, I do not know what to talk about. UHHH. I'm going back to the "important things to talk about" board again. Alright, one of them was about free time, so I will talk about my free time! Well, right now I only work on this website for my free time, at least at school anyways. But at home I usually watch YouTube videos cause I have nothing else to do! Okay, what else.... uhhhhhhh. OH!!!!! I will talk about my classes for next year! So, this year I took a theater class, an animation class, and a pottery class which I didn't like very much. Not because of the teacher, but because the class didn't really interest me. You may be asking, "THEN WHY DID U cHOOSE IT DUMBO!!?!?!??!?!?!?" That is because I just wanted to try it out, please don't yell at me. :( Okay, so my classes for next year will be theater class again, (cause i need to take it for two years to progress to the next level) a graphic design class, and a music class. I hope I will like these classes a lot!! Uh, great, now I don't know what to talk about again. I was thinking about adding that character counter, but I haven't searched it up yet. So, that's what I will do now! Okay, sadly I didn't find a character counter for my website so, unless I somehow get really good at HTML, it's not happening. Sorry. :/ Also, my friend has made his LTE using the Neocities website editor! Here it is! I hope you guys go see it as he actually inspired me to do this LTE, as I said earlier.

Wow, it sure has been a while since I've updated this. Hello! I am from the future... actually, not really. It's currently September 18, 2020 as of me writing this. Yeah, quite a long time since I last updated my LTE... Anyways, my school has switched to remote learning so I'm writing this from home! Yeah, awesome, I know. I honestly prefer being in school rather than being at home since my internet connection isn't very stable... Oh! Also, my state is completely covered in smoke!! So, I have to keep the doors closed. It's not like I went outside a lot anyways, haha. So, other than that, things have been going pretty goodz! Also, you remember when I talked about my new dog a few months ago? Yeah, he's REALLY BIG now. Even bigger than my older dog, and she's 5 years old! Uh,.. yeah i don't know what to talk about. From 6 months ago to now, not much has happened, at least in my life. I guess I could talk about that character counter I WAS going to add. So, I looked on the internet (keep in mind that this was 6 months ago) and I didn't find anything. So, I'm guessing I'll need to make it myself. But, there is one problem. I literally do not know how to do something like that. Yeah, so maybe I can look up some tutorials or something but it probably won't be added, so uh, sorry. Welp, I think this is it for this entry. Maybe I'll return to doing this on a daily basis, but don't count on it. See you laters!

Hey hey!! Yeah, it's me again. That's right, ME! It is now officially 2021! Well, it was about 5 days ago... yeah i'm a little late. BUUUUT, that's not why I'm updating this again. The S O L E REASON I'm updating my LTE is because my friend updated his! Yeah, that's pretty much it. AAAAAAAnyway, I'm thinking of making a game... Yeah, that's right!!!! The engine I'm thinking of using is GameMaker Studio 2, but it cost money so uhhhhhhhhhh maybe that won't happen. But, I can't give up hope! Also, I am very hungry right now so I need some food... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not RIGHT now, but soon cause if I don't eat then I will Die. Yeah, no good. Also, I usually update this website on my Chromebook from my school but this time I decided to update it on my computer. Let me tell you, it's WAAAY better. "Why?", you may ask. Well, two reasons. First, for some reason, editing text on the Chromebook is really glitched. Basically, when you click on text and either put a character or remove one, it edits the text a couple characters back instead. Very annoying... The other reason is because my computer is just better than the Chromebook in any way. It's faster, better, and a lot of other things I guess. Anyway, I heard of this thing called a "favicon". Basically, you can put a favicon on your website and a little icon shows up on the tab thing in pretty much every browser. This icon also shows up in bookmarks as well!! So, I'm going to try to add that and I'll get back to you, viewer, if it works. Hey, I'm back nowes! I have successfully added the favicon to the website!!! YEAAAA!!!!!!!!! The icon is actually a picture of my profile picture, well, my school account picture. Anyways, I guess this will be all for now. Good in byes!

Hello again! I'm back with a few new things to add. But first, I must state the date this is being written on! January 11th, 2021 is that date! Yeah, not a very special date, or at least I don't think it is... Anyway, I guess I should get in to what I'm adding before I talk about anything else. Okay, first off, my friends friend is now making a LTE! Yeah, awesome, I know. You can check that out right here. Alright, the other thing I'm adding. I'm attempting to add a sorta music player thing at the bottom of the screen. Currently, it is inplemented but I'm having trouble properly centering it. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do some more research with centering elements in HTML... Also, the recording set on there is of me saying some random thing I thought of in 2 seconds. Wow, I'm so proud of myself!!!!! I was originally planning to just put the MP3 file into the site directory, but that needed a Supporter membership. So, I exploited a loophole through Google Drive instead! Yeah, I'm a professional hakrman... Okay, not really, I literally know nothing about hacking. But, I bypassed the Supporter requirement so I think I'm pretty cool. As of right now, I'm in my language arts class. Honestly, it just seems more enjoyable than some of my other classes. I have no idea why, but that was just something I noticed. Also, here's a random fact, I'm hungry. Very hungry. We also have no food. I think I'm going to starve!!!! Good thing I have these crumbs I keep in my closet... Oh! My friend also updated his LTE! Yeah, go check both of those LTEs out. Go do it, go check them out. I SAID GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!! Sorry, I was getting a little mad... Anyway, lets talk about my grades! They're, uh, not good. Quite bad, actually. Yeah, lets talk about something else... Oh, I was also thinking of adding some background music to my website to add more atmosphere y'know? But, I realized that a lot of people don't like music that automatically plays on websites, so maybe I'll scrap that idea. Maybe. ;) Welp, I'm going to get some food, try to properly center the audio player and maybe update this more.

Hey, just wanted to give a quick update. I managed to center the audio player so that it looks centered enough. I have no idea if it is truly centered but it looks like it is so I'm keeping it as it is. Also, I made an "untrue" LTE! An "untrue" LTE is an LTE that doesn't obey the rules "true" LTEs have to follow. Basically, you can copy and paste as much as you want and you can copy from other LTEs if you truly wish to. I personally won't be copying from any LTEs but if you want to make an "untrue" LTE then you can do whatever with it. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this entry. Good night or day or morning or afternoon!

Wow, it sure has been a while. Well, not as long as my last break, which ended in September of 2020, but still quite long. Anyway, HI!!!!!1 It is currently March 11th, 2021 as of me writing this. Yeah, like I said, a while since I updated this. I'll probably update my "untrue" LTE today too, since I want to continue more on that. Now, lets get to business. You may be wondering, "Hey, what happened?!?!?! Why did you take a break?!?!?!" Well, since I am an actual human (surprising I know), I needed to actually work on my life so that I don't fail to live!!!! So, I took a break from updating my LTEs to work on getting my life together so I have time to do things such as updating this! I may take some more breaks in the future, but hopefully they won't be very long, unlike the break I took until September. Anyway, what else has happened? Well, not much really. I've just been mostly sleeping. That's it. Also, unfortunately, I missed the first year birthday of the creation of my LTE. DARN!!!!!!! Maybe next year... Actually, you know what I just realized? It has been exactly two months since I last updated this. Awesome!!!!!! I'm currently in my science class right now and we're doing some sort of project where we have to make an instrument ourselves using materials we have. We just got assigned codenames for this project and the topic for those codenames were about plants. So, I searched up some plants and named myself "Carpet weed". Yes, that's right, carpet weed. Why? Because I can!! Now, like many other LTE makers do in their LTEs, I'm going to have something that will be a signature icon of a LTE... When I get home. Sorry for the cliffhanger but I'm running out of time before I have to go home, so see you laters!!!!!1 Well, for now. :D

Hey, remember when I said I would update my LTE as soon as I got home? Yeah, I totally forgot about that. So, uh, sorry about that. Anyway, hi and welcome back to my cooking show! Wait, wrong LTE... Yeah, I'll be updating my other LTE today too (if I remember to of course). It won't be as soon as I update this LTE because I only have my chromebook with me right now since I'm in school as of writing this. If you didn't know, chromebooks are terrible when viewing/editing large pages of text due to their limited hardware. Plus, with the little RAM chromebooks have, Google Chrome also takes a lot of that RAM so that the chromebook barely has anything to work with. So, I'll have to only edit my other LTE on my computer as it has a lot more powerful hardware than my chromebook. Anyway, enough of that. Now, I was talking about something that will be a signature icon of not just any LTE, but mine. You may be wondering, "What's this icon?!?!??!" Well, this icon is not just any regular icon. It's a very powerful icon called "The Pie God". Yeah, thats right. The holy Pie God! This icon is a very power being who can destroy millions of people within a second. Now, I'm not really allowed to share this, but I'll make an exception this time. This is the first real photograph of the Pie God. Yes, very dangerous. Unfortunately, I do not know his current whereabouts, which means he's still out there, possibly committing several federal crimes. Here's a tip to defending yourself from the Pie God. If he approaches, you have to praise the Pie God and bow down saying, "All hail the holy Pie God! The being of three identities, please spare me from your holy punishment!" Yeah, he really likes being praised. If you do this, there's a 99% chance he'll spare you. However, the 1% of people who are not so lucky get turned into a freshly home-baked cherry pie. Like I said earlier, he likes to commit federal crimes. The crime he mostly likes to commit is, of course, tax fraud. Why? He hates doing his taxes. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this entry. I may update this more today but don't count on it. Good day bye now!!

Hi hey, just updating this cause I'm bored. Why am I bored? Homework! I don't like homework at all!!! I am currently attempting to finish my homework but I just can't. Not that it's really hard or anything, but I just can't focus. For some reason, whenever I try to do homework, I'm immediately unmotivated and I just don't do it. Of course, my grades have been severely affected from this and that's the reason why I'm doing homework in the first place. It's all just one big loop! First, start homework. Second, become unmotivated and lose focus. Third, look at grades and try to improve them. Those three things have been the things I've been doing for a few weeks now. It's very annoying... Maybe I should go see a tutor or something, but I have a feeling that won't help very much. Anyway, enough about all of that. Let's talk about my other LTE. Yeah, I still haven't updated it. I know I said I would be updating it on my previous entry but I still haven't. Yeah, you can blame my homework for that!! ...Which is my fault. Alright fine, blame me!!! I can't really go onto my computer right now, since I'm supposed to be doing homework right now and if I went on my computer my parents would probably yell at me. I could try to update it on my chromebook but, like I said in my previous entry, the amount of RAM a chromebook has is very small so it might not even load. But, you know what? I'm going to do it anyways! Well, I'll try. I think that's it for today. Well, have day good now!!

Hey hi, it's me from the future! Well, not really. I'm writing this on March 19th, 2021. But, to be honest, you probably knew that since it says this website was last updated on March 19th, 2021. Anyway, I'm currently in my last class for the day, then I'll be free from school for the next few days!! Just kidding. If you read my last entry, then you probably know that I have a lot of homework that I need to catch up on, since my grades are not very good. Actually, I don't think I ever said that in my last entry... Well, you know now that I'm doing pretty terrible in school! What I'm currently doing right now is updating this website, of course. In my last class for Friday, we have some extra time to do whatever until the class ends. So, instead of being productive, I'm updating this! Also, about my other LTE. I probably won't be updating it for a few weeks or maybe even months. Turns out that my theory about editing my other LTE on a chromebook was correct. It's horrible! So yeah, I'm basically grounded from my computer until I finish all my homework. Just great!!!!1!!!1 Eh, oh well. At least I can still update this site without any major problems. Yeah, the text glitch thing is still pretty annoying, but I've gotten used to it. Anyway, my class is about to end so cya for now!

Almost 3 months have passed since I've last updated this... Yeah, hello! I'm back after nearly 3 months of inactivity. I should probably say the current date first... Today is September 1st, 2021 and school has started back again! Yay! Well, maybe I'm not THAT happy about it since summer is over... BUT! I'm finally doing in-person school FULL TIME! Yeah! No more half-weeks of staying at home and going in-person! Although I am kind of sad that summer is over, at least I get to go to school like I used to. Anyway, you're probably wondering why I didn't update this over the summer. Reason: Didn't want to. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I was going to update it before summer started but I was too late and just decided that I would leave it as it is. So, the question now is... Will I keep updating this or just abandon it again? I'll probably keep updating it until summer arrives but nothing is set in stone for now. I may just stop updating this one day during the school year to focus on grades or something like that. But, I'll try to keep updating this for as long as I can. Anyway, what to talk about now? Actually, I should probably talk about something I've been adding to the website for a while. It's this little thing called "Archives"! Basically, the Archives are individual entries sorted and dated in a more fancy way instead of just being on one page like all the entries are right now. Of course, it's not finished yet and there are some dates missing but it's still a work in progress, so yeah. Anyway, that's it for this entry. Hopefully I'll work on this tomorrow or some other day but, it's not guarenteed. Okay, g'bye!

Hey, whaddup! I'm back and guess what?!?! The Archives are finally finished!! It took me way less time than I thought it would but, to be honest, it has a really simple look so it would've took only a short amount of time. Anyway, you can check out the archives through this link or on the top of this page. I'm going to make this very short because my class ends in 5 minutes so yeah! Anyway, goodbye and farewell!

Hi. Welcome Back To Another Entry In My Longest Text Ever (Lte). I Am Going To Talk Like This Because I Have No Reason Why But Seriously, Why Do People Do This. They Always Say "Because I Can" Or Some Nonsensical Reason. Okay, I'm going to stop that now. I always wonder why people do that. I get that it's harmless and something to not get mad about, but still. It's just annoying. Do other people get annoyed by that as well or is it just me? I have no idea... Actually, I might make a Google Forms later about that. Anyway, just wanted to talk about some things I'm going to be removing. First, the Experimental Music Player Thing That I Haven't Fully Worked Out Yet But Maybe I Will Sometime In The Future, I Don't Know™. Yes, I know you all loved the Experimental Music Player Thing That I Haven't Fully Worked Out Yet But Maybe I Will Sometime In The Future, I Don't Know™, but it's essentually useless and I can't figure out how to center it properly. There probably is a way to center it, but I'm too lazy to look up any more websites. Plus, it's just talking up a lot of space. So, might as well remove it to give the website a better look. Now, the second thing. I'm TEMPORARILY removing the LTE Hub. Why? The URL was exposing the school district I'm currently in. But, don't worry! The LTE Hub isn't gone for good! I'm remaking it as a page for this website! It keeps consistency and it won't expose my location! It's a win-win situation! That's all I wanted to talk about for right now. I'll probably update this when I've remade the LTE Hub, but for now, goodbye!

Hey, I'm going to make this short, but I've finished the new LTE Hub! You can find it at the top of the page. Also, I want to apologize for the lack of entries for the past few days, a lot of stuff has been happening these past few days. This pace may continue, but I'll try to update this as often as I can. Anyway, good Bye .

Hello, it's that time again! What do I mean? Y'know, THAT time. You still don't know? I mean it's time to update this again! Yeah, I'll try to make this a longer entry, but things may happen. By things, I mean that my current period might end and I might not even be able to update this at all! But, I'll try to. Anyway, I guess I'll just talk about what comes on my mind while I'm writing this. So, about the form for the LTE Hub. I'm going to make a new email dedicated for that form and that form only. Okay, maybe not JUST the form, maybe something else, I don't really know yet. But, I will be making a new email to put the form on. Why? I don't want to take any chances to give out any information that shouldn't be put on the internet. So, I'll just make a new email that doesn't show anything that doesn't need to be shown. You may be thinking I'm probably taking really extreme measures for something so minimal, and you may be right. But, the Internet can be a harsh place. If people don't like you. they may try everything in your power to bring you down. Whether it's by ruining a person's reputation, or revealing personal information about them. I really don't want to take that chance. Anyway, enough about that. Here's another thing that just appeared in my head. Will I be adding anything new to the website. Of course I will! I don't really know what I'll add yet, but I have so many concepts to what to add to this website to make it even cooler! Of course, some things are easier said than done. Let's talk about something else. So, how long will I keep updating this website? I want to update this website for as long as possible. One of the things that I've thought of doing for a while is making a website. Whether it be something like a blog, a game, or something totally different. Still, the thought of maintaining a website just sounded really awesome to me and it still does. If you couldn't tell, this is something that I really like doing. Of course, things may happen. I might grow out of "updating a website nobody looks at" once I get older. Actually, I'm not sure if I'm the only one that looks at this website. From my site traffic stats, it seems like I'm getting a lot of unique visits. So, if anyone is reading this and regularly looks at my website when it gets updated, then thanks! It's nice to know that some people appreciate my work, even if I'm just writing words. Okay, I'm gonna have to cut this short for now, g'bye!

Hey, what's Up. Sorry that I haven't updated this in a Week. I actually went on vacation last Wednesday, so I wasn't able to update this. But anyway, this entry is going to be more short. Why? Well, I've decided to take a break from updating this for a little bit. Yes, I know on my last entry that I said that "I want to update this website for as long as possible", but I've been kinda getting burnt out from updating this site, even if it's just small things I've been adding. But, that's not the only reason why I'm going to be taking a break. The second reason is because I have a lot of homework I need to catch up on since I went on vacation. So, yeah. I need to finish that. I'm not very good at multitasking, so I won't be able to finish my homework efficiently while still updating this website daily. So yeah, sorry about that, but I have a life that I need to work on!! (and homework too I guess). Also, my friend updated his LTE!! Make sure to check that out, because if you don't... nothing will happen. BUT! I will not like you, if you don't. So, better go check it out!!!! Okay, cya!